I know what you’re thinking – blog safely?!


I know, but no matter whether your blog is your main focus or a side project for fun, or to market your business,  it’s still a blog.


And it’s really easy to not take care and disclose a little too much.


When I sit down to write a blog article, these are the seven items I keep in mind to make sure I’m running my blog safely.


Double check your posts

Read it out as if it’s going to be printed in the local newspaper, including looking at the pictures. Does it give out too much personal information about you?


One key thing here is to not just look at the text, but the pictures and videos as well. Are your address or full name and phone number on a piece of paper? How about unique landmarks on your street and your street number?


Do you really need to use your full name?

Nowadays where it’s really easy to plug someone’s name into an online database and retrieve way more information that they ever intended to reveal, consider whether you really need to use your full name.


It’s completely acceptable to blog anonymously, there isn’t anything saying you have to use your real name. Consider if you can use only your first or even a pen name?


Don’t give out your address


If you really want to receive fan mail, or you review products that are sent to you, then rent an address. You can do this with a P.O. box, or with many other services that allow you to rent the use of their address and will happily receive mail and packages on your behalf


Be careful with location services

Many apps use your location for various things. Don’t use apps that broadcast your location in connection with your blog.


Make sure location services are turned off for apps that have an option to add your location, such as Instagram or Twitter.


Do you post photos as part of your blog? You still can, but make sure your camera isn’t tagging the photos with your location!


Being careful with your location ensures that nobody can show up unannounced, especially those with not so good intentions.


Set some boundaries

I know you want to share as much as you can with your audience. It helps with authenticity, legitimacy and makes your readers feel they know you.


However, if you share too much there is always the chance of someone connecting the dots.


You should set some boundaries – what topics are OK to talk about on your blog, and what are off limits – like family, children, the street you live on, etc.


Consider blog safety offline

When you’re writing your blog, always consider if you really need to share details about your life and location. It may only be one piece of information that is seemingly harmless this blog post, but what about after many blog posts? The picture of your identity or where you are becomes that much more clear with every piece of information revealed.


This Week’s Challenge

Have a look at what you’ve posted online in the last while. How easy would it be for someone to find you in the real world?