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We’ve seen many organizations that are focused on the ideal picture of Cybersecurity.

They believe that if they cannot achieve perfect or near-perfect Cybersecurity in their business, they shouldn’t do anything until conditions are right to achieve their ideal vision.

However, good Cybersecurity isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. That, coupled with the fact that Cybersecurity is continually changing and evolving, waiting until the time is right can be a very discouraging view. It takes consistent work from everyone in the business, adapting as things change over time.

You can compare this to when you started your business. Did you wait until the stars aligned and it was the perfect time in your life and industry to begin? Or did you dive in right away and give it your all?

We believe that no matter where your business is now, anything you can do to move your Cybersecurity closer to the ideal is worth doing.

Incremental Changes

To make things manageable, focus on incremental changes. You don’t have to go from 0 to ideal immediately. Especially in the beginning, everything can seem like an unreachable and daunting task.

Choose one thing to work on today to make your business more cyber secure than it was yesterday. 

Then do that one thing.

Then tomorrow, do the same.

As with anything else in your business, it’s showing up every day and consistently putting in the effort that will make the difference in the long run.

Start with what you know.

Don’t get caught up thinking that the one thing you choose every day needs to be something big or complex to move the needle. Start with what you know.

For example, choose to signup for a password manager today. Change one of your passwords, add it to the password manager and work on getting the password from the password manager whenever you need it today.

Or, take 10 minutes this morning to review a checklist of the characteristics of a phishing email. Then take another 10 minutes to scan emails in your inbox for those characteristics, or open up your spam folder and quiz yourself on which characteristics make those emails spam.

The key is to choose one thing to work on today to make your business more cyber secure than yesterday. What will you choose to do today?

At Think Cyber Secure, we uncover the hidden gaps that cause cyber risk, and develop an action plan that will eliminate the stress and frustration resulting from cybersecurity.

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