In this post I wanted to talk about why.

Not Why as in the meaning of life, but why as in why do we need cyber security?

With the whole world around us becoming more and more connected, the people who want to con us for their own benefit are becoming more and more sophisticated and what you need to do to be cyber secure is constantly changing.

They Target Whomever

There also isn’t any discrimination among who these people con either. They target whomever will help them fulfill their goals, regardless of whether that is a big business, a small business or individual people.

Because of this, everyone needs to learn not just how to install a firewall and antivirus, but how to think cyber secure so that as our connected world changes and evolves, you can change and adapt your cyber security to stand a better chance at keeping yourself and your information safe without becoming overwhelmed both at work and at home.


Everyone Should Think Cyber Secure

Though, through my own experience, it seems most people don’t know how to think cyber secure. This really shows in a Pew Research Survey done in 2016 (Click Here to have a look at the survey results at Pew Research). They asked 1,055 online adults 13 questions about cyber security. The typical respondent was only able to answer five.


This means that everyone needs a little help. Not everyone is going to be able to only answer two questions, but everyone might have one thing they aren’t completely sure about.


And that’s why I wanted to start this podcast and decided to call it Think Cyber Secure.


Follow Along With Us

If you follow along with me, my goal is to give you some actionable tips to not only be cyber secure today, but also  be cyber secure tomorrow and into the future by learning how to think cyber secure and how to adapt and shift as the cyber security world changes.

Today’s Challenge

How do you protect your computer and your information? See if you can find one area or opportunity that you think you might need to improve.